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Make your Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 fonts look like Mac OS X Render Like Mac OS X, also makes Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer browsers and everything else on your desktop render just like Macintosh or Linux computer using program GDI++

GDI ++ will make Windows fonts bolder thicker a lot easier to read. Changing fonts within Windows will not be the same as using this little program.

Works with Internet Explorer 6x and above, Opera, Firefox, Does not work with Chrome yet. GDI++ is a 32 bit application. See the difference screenshots below.

Google & Windows Application

Google Example

Kvr Audio

Kvr Example

Gdi Enable

Gdi ++ Vista Screenshot

Download any of the software below.
UnPack to c:\gdi\ or c:\Program Files\gdi\ or any folder you wish then run gditray.exe

Both can be customized anyway with your own taste.

Switching font render is as simple as enabling and disabling it by right clicking on G icon as seen in example above.

Download GDI++

Download Gdi++ 662 kb Zip file no install required.

Download Gdi++ GdiSetup.exe 770 kb Exe file Self Extracting. This will install for you automaticly but you will have to click on GDI icon to enable it if you want to autostart it then drop shortcut to your startup folder.

Download Gdi++ 414 kb Zip file no install required (Another version with a bit different font render).

How to autostart GDI++ every time you start your computer?

Create shortcut by right clicking on your desktop locate gditray.exe where you installed / unpacked your program

After creating shortcut on your desktop drag it into your startup folder. Start > All Programs > Startup.

Program will start automatically every time you restart your computer.

Or go to Start > All Programs > Startup. Right click > Create shortcut and locate your gditray.exe file in folder you installed it.

If Above method is too bold or just not what you are looking for. You may also try ClearType Tuner PowerToy from Microsoft.

Visit ClearType Tuner PowerToy website

Visit Original Source of GDI++

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